State of the art Printers


UV Printers

Our specialised technical staff use two state of the art UV printers for our digitally printed products.  We can create custom sized Canvas Prints, Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints and signs to suit your requirements.  We can even provide large format printing  on a range of materials including the above-mentioned products.

Using UV inks has its advantages, including instant drying and being better for the environment as the inks do not release harmful solvents or toxins into the atmosphere like traditional solvent-based inks.

Eco-Solvent Ink Printer

Our eco-solvent ink printer is perfect for printing outdoor signs and banners, as inks provide unbeatable scratch resistance under the most aggressive conditions.  With breathtaking image quality, and large scale printing capabilities, customers will be impressed with their printed products, available in a quicker turnaround time due to the printer's fast drying capabilites.

What's more, using eco-solvent inks is better for the environment, as the inks do not emit harmful fumes into the environment, and the inks are even more economical than ever!

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