Photos & Images

Does my photo need to be a specific resolution to enlarge on a Canvas, Acrylic or Metal Print?

The higher the resolution, the clearer the printed image will be onto your canvas, acrylic or metal print.  At Bluesight Printing, we want to provide you with the highest quality print, so we will check your image to determine if the resolution is suitable for the print size you have selected, and this is at no charge to you.  Alternatively, you can always email us your image and the size print you are wanting, and we will advise you of your print size options.  We're only happy if you are!

How do I supply my photo to Bluesight Printing?

Simply upload your photo as either a JPEG file (.jpg or .jpeg), TIF image (.Tif or .Tiff), GIF Image (gif) or as a PDF image (.pdf) from your computer.  If your digital file is too large and exceeds the upload limit of our website, you can use free sharing software to provide your image to us, such as or

Canvas Printing

What materials do Bluesight Printing use to create Canvas Prints?

Bluesight Printing use a high quality 100% cotton, bright white matt canvas with a GSM count of 350.  We coat all of our canvas prints with a UV blocking laminate at no extra cost to prevent chipping, scratches and marking.  It also makes the canvas water resistant to provide a more cleanable surface.

Our wooden canvas frames are of a high quality and are 3cm thick, giving you an image wrap or colour wrap of 3cm in thickness.

What canvas wrapping options do I have?

Bluesight Printing can offer either an Image Wrap (the sides of the frame are a continuation of the image) or a Solid Colour Wrap (the sides of the frame are a solid colour of either white, black, grey, red or brown).

Other Print Products

What materials do Bluesight Printing use to create Acrylic Prints?

We print your photo directly behind optically-clear acrylic, available in your choice of either a 3mm or 6mm thickness.  We then attach stylish metal corner mounts for a beautiful, high quality finish.  These corner mounts are used to attach the acrylic print onto the wall using hidden rear screws.

What materials do Bluesight Printing use to create metal prints?

Bluesight Printing use a 3mm aluminium composite panel, which is a high quality and fully certified product and perfect for digital printing.  Depending on where you will display your metal print, you can purchase the appropriate fixings from your local hardware store (we do not supply wall hanging system/fixings for this product).

What materials do Bluesight Printing use to create safety signs?

Depending on the selected safety sign, there are up to three materials you can choose to have your safety sign printed with.  Either:

Self adhesive vinyl

Self adhesive vinyl is widely used across businesses, and is excellent for indoor or outdoor applications.  It is flexible and versatile and perfect for sticking to walls, windows, doors or any non-porous surface.


We use PVC Foam Board of 3mm thickness, that is moisture-proof, flame retardant and non-toxic.  It's used in many, various commercial applications and provides an excellent printable surface.


Bluesight Printing uses high quality, fully certified aluminium composite panel for printing metal safety signs.  It provides a very flat, smooth surface that is perfect for digital printing and is extremely rigid and also relatively light weight for easy handling and erection.

Care & Maintenance

How do I clean my Print?

It's always safest and best for the print to only use either a soft, dry cloth or a static electricity dusting cloth to gently remove any dust.

How long will my Print last?

Canvas, acrylic or metal prints that are positioned away from direct sunlight and kept away from moisture and dirt will last for years and look as beautiful as they did when you first received them.


What kind of Printer and Inks do you use?

Bluesight Printing use state of the art, commercial grade printers, and we only use environmentally friendly inks.  Using UV inks and Eco-Solvent inks are better for the environment because the inks do not release harmful solvents or toxins into the atmosphere like traditional solvent-based inks.  These inks are also perfect for digital printing, providing high quality prints every time!

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Bluesight Printing offers customers a 100% money back guarantee, so if we've made an error with your order, we will gladly refund your money back as long as the print is in its original condition and is received within 7 working days.

Payment & Shipping

What are the payment options?

Bluesight Printing accepts credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard) via Paypal for all of your printing orders, and offers a secure online checkout.

Are there any charges for delivery?

Bluesight Printing provides shipping anywhere within Australia.  Our shipping costs are competitive, and you can find more information and costs on our 'shipping' page.

What is your turnaround time?

Orders for stock items, like safey signs usually ship within 24 hours.  Custom printing orders including canvas, acrylic or metal prints typically ship within 2 to 3 days.  Transit time is not included in the lead times stated above because transit times vary depending on the Australian destination.  If you're picking up from Neerabup (WA), your order will be ready by the above lead times.




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